Fiestaware Graveyard

time for a bathDSC_0078

When you go to Door County, you must visit the Summer Kitchen and go to the back room. You will have a wonderful view out the back window. You will see all the old fiestaware mugs and plates, that are broken. But they’re still useful. They are placed all  around bird fountains. And they make everything more colorful and sweet and old and poignant. Just like our memories.

Fiestaware was created in 1936. It had a resurgence in the 70’s. And everything you’re served at Summer Kitchen is on it. It’s very quaint. There are other antiques all throughout the restaurant, like an old stove and an old water pump. It all lends a sweet charm to the place, and I have so many good memories there.

As I watched this little robin take a bath, and took this picture through the sliding glass window, I am reminded of the old and the new sitting side by side. There is so much change taking place in the world right now, I feel comforted by small things that are still the same. Like this restaurant. There are new birds out the back window, and new customers that come to this restaurant, as old regulars return. To survive in this economy, you still need a loyal customerbase, good workers, and/or the ability to attract new people all the time.

It’s nice to see places like this still around. Recycling as decoration, is a wonderful way to keep old things alive and make your decorating costs less. I wish that we could all find a use for something old, keep people employed, and still bring happiness, a sense of wonder, and meaning to people.

It’s funny the things that you treasure as you get older. An old water pump, some broken coffee mugs, and birds taking a bath! I swear, it’s the best place to just stare out the window, relax, and bring new thoughts into your old world.