The View


The view outside a window
Is not always clear
Even if it’s totally clean
The window can distort
Like the window our soul looks out of
And yet the light shines through
Warming every darkened crevice
Every stale thought
Every dim view
That we might have
Covering us and filling us
With Warmth and Love
May we always feel
Light’s Promise and Hope
And never lose our way.

holy hill windowDSC_0061


Sweet flurry

snowy nuthatchDSC_8519

The birds are feeding.
And gaining more fuel
To get through their day.
As they take off in flight
And they hop
And they eat
Their communion is sweet!

A flurry of feathers
On a cruelly cold day
Can warm any heart
bjay facing leftDSC_3801And create a new start.

Life is fast
And precious
And real.
Savor this moment
And just how you feel


fire angelDSC_6314

In this moment of peace and tranquility
All is forgiven

I stand as if far away
Removed from the fray
Watching, but not harmed.

I smile at everyone’s rushed and worried walk
Thoughts tumbling and spilling over
Onto the sidewalk
Into the air we all breathe.

I am connected, and yet aloof
Alone and yet together.

Sending love through my fingertips
Radiating peace and understanding
Vibrating warmth and forgiveness.
So loved and cherished.

Oh Lamb of God
Hear my impassioned plea.
To be love.
To hold on to peace.
With gentleness
And reverence

A fear of fully being expressed

In the fiercest longest howlportholeDSC_0246
Lies a fear of fully being
Trust in me
I’m lemony real
A tartness in your mouth
A pucker in your lips
No way not to feel
A new idea is birthed
Seeping its way into the world
As a dense fog
Waiting for the warmest sunshine
To unearth its wonder
A fleeting runaway thoughtin the muted forestDSC_6086
Sailing in the distance
Catch me if you can!
A shimmery orb
Riding with the waves
A light that seems so frail
And yet pervades my all

Was that really real?

Gliding swiftly by
I almost missed him
Just a speck in my eye
A soundless passerby.

A loon is on the lake
He’s playing hide and seek
Dipping far below the surface
He swims a thousand meter lap.

He keeps you guessing
Where will you see him next?

Like a momentary dream
A flitting fleeting thought
Shimmer glimmer into view.

What is that I saw?
Was that really real?
And when will it come back?

Scritch Scratch Squoosh Screeeeam!

I’m sitting at meditationred water lily
And trying to relax
And let my thoughts
And get into those alpha waves
I’m feeling calm
And filled with gratitude
A warmth around my head
A tingling in my feet.

Scritch scraaaaaaaatch, squoooooosh scream!
Scriiiiiiiiiitch scratch, squoosh screeeeeeeam!

I don’t know what that noise is
It really jars my senses
Is it the person next to me?grackle in spring2
No, he is in a coma!

The noise would not continue
In a consistent way
It came and went
Just as it pleased.
It seemed to know when I was calm.
And would disrupt me yet again!

Scriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch scratch, squooooooooooooooosh screeeeeeeeam!
Scritch Scraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatch squoosh scream!

I closed my eyes and tried so hard
To get back to my center
But nothing that I did would help
As I was getting Bent er!

I finally shrugged my head
And thought
This time is just a waste!
I cannot get back to the mood
That seemed so promising.

When closing words were saidwindblown
“we come back to this room”
I never left!
“we wiggle our feet and our toes”
someone in the back row has been doing that all night!
“we know this time has been beneficial…”
for you maybe!
“as we enter the world again
we feel refreshed…”
Glad somebody does!

Ok. Now I really need to meditate!