itty bitty miracle

    Two years ago, I picked up a book called Homer’s Odyssey. It is a true story about a vet who was given a “sick” kitten, after his owners said they could not handle him. She found out that the only thing wrong with him was that he had a terrible eye infection and his eyes would have to be removed. Continue reading

I couldn’t be more sure

bright gem tulips

I had a most amazing day. Where everything about my life suddenly became clear. Not just because my car made it to the art show, not because I made a little money. Those are good things to be sure.   But suddenly I feel connected and an integral part of this world. And I feel good about myself and who I am.  And I realize what I can do to make this world a better place. Continue reading

Not Feeling It

psbig flower little hummer copy

Not feeling it today. Trying to put on a happy face. Friday my car had a hiccup! All of a sudden the horn wouldn’t stop blowing. And I needed to go to the bank and get some money! So I went, parked it, acted like that wasn’t my car, got my money. Then I went to Pep Boys. I figured they would have to help me, otherwise my beeping car would annoy all the customers away! Continue reading

Healing Thoughts

pink yellow rose

“It was only in the full radiance of her beauty that she wished to appear.”

  from The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint Exupery

When I was about 12, I had a serious accident with my bicycle. I was quite adventurous when I was younger, somewhat of a tomboy. I took a long bike ride one day, and went down a very long hill. I enjoyed gathering speed as I went further and further down. But at some point, I knew I was going too fast. And I saw a tree ahead of me that signaled I would have to turn to avoid it. I got frozen by fear; instead of avoiding it, I crashed right into it with my knee! Continue reading

A Kind Gust

blowing willowcardinal in cherry tree1

I am so grateful for small miracles. Yesterday, at my art fair, the wind gusts were really strong. My card rack fell over into the jewelry booth next to me. Thank goodness it did not fall on anyone or into the jewelry. Just fell on the grass.  And total strangers in the jewelry booth  helped me pick up the cards. I didn’t lose too many. Spring art fairs are risky due to unpredictable weather. But the kindness of strangers is always so powerful. And so unpredictable as well.

I am!

bfly bush pieces1

Whenever I feel down, or not able, sad, or in lack, I look at this picture of a juvenile male hummingbird that busted through a butterfly bush. It makes me  feel brighter, inspired and more hopeful. This little one had so much verve and spunk, he didn’t let a big butterfly bush stop him, he just flew through it, leaving pieces scattered all around him in the air! A triumph, a moment of sheer exertion of will, survival and exuberance.   Not a great picture due to lighting and the speed of the bird. But to me, it just says : I AM! period.