A different kind of beauty


People have such adverse reactions to dandelions.  My neighbor goes into conniptions if we don’t get rid of our dandelions and they “infect” her yard. Imagine my surprise when someone at my art fair asked me if I had a picture of one! I don’t. Not with me. I had to hunt it down going through many Mays to find the right picture. And as I looked, I appreciated the beauty of these weeds. Their sunny bright carpeting of the wooded floor interspersed with tiny white and purple violets is really so special. It’s  nice to go to a park where no one gets rid of them. They’re not a curse. They’re allowed to be.  And the way they hold on to life and proliferate is really a metaphor and an example for us all. And frankly, even though my neighbor has such a violent reaction to them, they just make me smile!