Three Views

church me and cemeteryDSC_1546

Every once in a while, a magical moment pops into our life. A synchronicity, stars are aligned moment. Where we couldn’t have imagined how wonderful 15 minutes could really become. Or how kind someone might be towards us.

Yesterday my husband and I were lost in Wisconsin. Just driving around, and took a wrong turn. Somehow, I sensed this was no accident. We wound up at Church Rd. Aptly named because there is an old church on this road, with a cemetery around it. And it looks like nobody’s attended there for quite some time. And yet, it’s still in good enough shape to have a service there. The church and cemetery are surrounded by a big fence. The gate is open! It doesn’t look like it would be, but it is. We went in and peeked through the windows, took some pictures with our camera, just like we’d done the last time we were there, 2 year ago.

Nothing had really changed. But we were thrilled to see this again. It had been a good experience before. Suddenly, to our surprise, a man came up to us and asked if we wanted to see the church inside. We didn’t even know anyone was around. We said sure! We got a tour of the church and found out that there is a service held there, once a year. Apparently, the people in the community keep the church up well enough so that this can still happen. I’m guessing there’s no pastor, but people still want to use the church. Obviously at one point this was a vital church community, you can tell by the cemetery.

The man reminisced with us and said, “When you sit in these pews, can you imagine a stagecoach with horses letting people off here, and having them walk through these doors in their old fashioned clothing, with snow outside, as they celebrate xmas.” I said yes! I could totally see that. And the place suddenly felt alive.

When we walked out the door, I heard a whistling sound. I looked to my right and saw 2 hummingbirds sip nectar from the lilac bush right outside the church! I felt so blessed in that moment. I told the man, “what a wonderful day! How cool was that. Thank you so much for the tour.” He smiled big, and for a minute, any cares I had, were gone. And I felt the kindness of a stranger seep into my bones and comfort me. It was a reminder that you can still feel kindness and trust in a small town, and that an ordinary day can turn into a treasure.



angel poppieDSC_0007

The dew glistens sweetly.
It feeds my eyes with wonder
And holds body and soul together
Until I feel at one
With all that is.



Beauty pops out
Sometimes sparsely
In the beginning of spring,
Barely hanging on to a bleak landscape

But as spring takes hold,
It sprinkles the old brown leaves,
The dirt and gray twigs
With bold colors and designs.

Blessing all the eyes that see
Caressing the nose that smells such beauty
A beacon and a herald to the explosion of spring
The catharsis in each of us
That’s meant to be seen, heard, felt,
and blessed
By our understanding.

Unlikely Places

I was recently reminded of a childhood memory, so I have to share. My grandmother had a beautiful spirit and an appreciation for the non-material things in life. She’d been through the 2nd world war, and starved, and waited for her family to come home, without any letters for months sometimes. I don’t know how she held on. But she still saw beauty in the world, and she shared her point of view with my sister and I.

Oma (as we called my German grandmother), received a female canary. I don’t remember how she got this bird, I’m quite sure she didn’t buy it on her own. I think she inherited it from somebody that didn’t want her. I could understand why. Cetela, as she was later named, was very ugly! She was missing hair around her neck, and she looked really scruffy. But she could sing up a storm. And even though her song was not as beautiful as the male canary’s song would have been, she made us listen to her all day long! She would start singing in the morning when the sun came up, or accompany the vacuum cleaner, or just for no reason at all. She would sing lustily, and tilt her head back proudly. My grandmother just loved her. And Oma was constantly asking us how could such a tiny creature make so much noise! She gave my grandmother so much joy as she would sing with all her heart and soul and might. It was impossible to ignore her. I wondered if she knew my grandmother’s voice and sang even harder when she was in the room. She had such an indomitable spirit. We used to laugh at her. But my grandmother helped us to appreciate Cetela’s spirit and her inner beauty. May we always look beyond the surface of  appearance, and find something to love, and to nurture, and to raise, in the most unlikely places.

A Shimmer

hummer shimmerDSC_0054

There was a shimmer to my left
A dancing white light
I wondered if I really saw it
Out of the corner of my eye.
But I could feel its energy
As it washed over me
And cleansed me of all doubts
Like a salve, a magic tonic,
A healing touch without a hand
Just a feeling that came over me.
A healing of my thoughts.
A reminder of the love inside my heart
To let it out and be a blessing
The blessing that I always am
But got so far away from.

Hold Me

fall butterflyDSC_2943

I can find you
In the sweet leap of a cobweb
Connecting one flower to the next

I can feel you
in the bitten wing of a butterfly
Fluttering his last flight,
While catching a fall nectar
And holding on to every breath.

And I can see you sparkle around
And through this whole moment
Holding me in the palm of your hand
And breathing me slowly.

Leaning Towards Light

leaning towards lightDSC_0057

This plant seems to be decaying, and at the end of its season of beauty. And yet it’s still leaning towards light. It will bend as far as it needs to, to be underneath that light.  I see that light as God nourishing and Soul refreshing. And the plant instinctively leans towards it. No matter, it’s age, or decay, or how many more days it has left. May we all lean towards the light, every day. And feel God’s sustaining loving hand, in all of our affairs. Big and small. We will never stop needing Him. And He is always with us.